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Innovative solutions

to aquacultural challenges



- We help businesses streamline their operations and maximize their production.

- We can assist governments and NGOs in setting up aquaculture production schemes to provide nutritional and economic security for coastal communities.

- We can help fish farms lower their impact on the environment whilst increasing their profitability.


- Regeneration of oyster beds that had lain dormant for 25 years, overseeing an increase in production from zero to one hundred and fifty tonnes annually.

- Design and installation of innovative production equipment such as a solar powered Floating Upwelling System for seed oysters.

- Collaboration with government agencies and local interest groups to improve water quality of the estuarine environment.


Our aim is to provide innovative, pragmatic solutions to aquacultural challenges. We have over 15 years of hands on experience working in the field and have built up extensive strategic and practical knowledge in all areas of bivalve mollusc production. We also work with a team of associates whose expertise span the full spectrum of aquaculture production. Our mission is to utilise the lessons learnt by our time in the industry to assist others in driving their projects forward.


We believe that aquaculture has a pivotal role to play in providing sustainable food and environmental security for current and future generations. As such, we wish to assist any initiatives, from small scale, local community projects to national strategic schemes, that aim to use aquaculture to help feed the world's population in a responsible and ecologically sensitive fashion.



St Martin


Cornwall, TR12 6BZ

United Kingdom


Tel: 00 44 (0)7792 794 026


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